Minecraft Skeleton Dungeon fail

So I have a few dungeons I have found during my excavations, so I decided to destroy one just for fun with TNT. Well ladies & gents that failed as the skeletons were still spawning. Take a look at the video I uploaded yesterday! Thanks to Monoriss for giving me a copy of Fraps, which I used to cap. Some more of my minecraft adventures are coming soon so stay tuned!


More Minecraft screenshots

 So this is what hell looks like? The Nether
 What's the deal with this dude? Couldn't even attack him! O_O
 East side of my garden/base & looking towards my railroad to the main town. To prevent mobs from blocking the railroad, gonna cover the whole thing. I will eventually finish the rest using glass and maybe cobblestone.
 Garden again
The inside (took a while to put wood, i like mining rather than chopping down trees)
 I label and organize my chests for the most part
 More of my chests and stuff
 The underground bedroom
My underground lobby, currently mining obsidian (it's taking foreverrrrrr)
 At night
And a tip for you guys, for those who play this game. When you're in the game, press F3. That'll tell you your x, y coordinates and whatnot. Make sure to dig down deep enough to where the "y" says 12. and make sure to bring a bucket of water, as lava pools appear most often at 11. You'll find plenty of everything, caves, diamonds, iron, coal and much more.  Also if you guys know any cool servers feel free to tell me in the comments below! The ones I find on the internet are too much for me :P

Today's photoshop adventure

My friend Tommy Hom at CitiField, apparently. In this picture I plastered his face on mr met and put his Dad's face on him. Please excuse my amateur skills, people!