Relaunch! Reboot! Etc etc etc

Ramblings and stuff is out. Under new management. For the last time I can assure you. This blog will talk about adult cartoons such as Beavis and Butthead, Family Guy, Futurama, King of The Hill, and many many more along the way. We've got alot of ground of cover, so let's start with a post later today, shall we.  Hell yeah baby, raise the roof. I'll try to post several times a day in between watching Netflix, TV and YouTube. My comfy job allows me to blog in peace too :). We'll also have several guest editors so stay tuned for that too. Also, don't look at the posts below. They are irrelevent as of now, and very much outdated.


Hurricane irene wasn't THAT bad

Well I have to say I'm glad I survived such a crazy tropical hurricane storm, there were minor damages to my neighborhood but nothing too serious. Thats hurricane made everyone scared so I got scared too a little but its gone and we're here to tell the story. Thanks for reading everybody. I live in a tall apartment building thats made of brick so it is extra sturdy. I live in an area of my town which faces Long Island Sound, where the hurricane passed through. But since we live on a hill, flooding posed no threat to our residential establishment. Sorry folks it's been a week since I posted but just have been preparing for what was to come. Down in New York City was worst, especially downtown, where the land is very low.

I'm glad I got a day off today too, and a chance to relax and make social time with family and friends. Stayed in most days but had no internet due to my new phone not being able to be rooted and therefore no wireless tether. Lucily i found an app on the Android Market that tethers via USB, but unfortunately does not display secure websites (https://) and such. So for now I must do that. In other news I'm going to apply to be a security gaurd like that idiot Paul Blart or something except not in malls but in corporate setting. I need training so I have to invest in a certification - NY State Security license. Its ok because you sometimes have to spend money to make more money. I'm fine with that. Otherwise, I'm feeling good about myself. Thanks for reading, goodbye!


My cat, Snowflake. Aka snowcake, mama, white mama, white sprinkle, MC Crazy-eyed Cat and furrmaster.

My first mobile post evar

Testing out this mobile posting feature as both my shoulders and neck seem to be manifested with pain. So I'm confined to my bed with a bag of ice on my back (ok not that much ice, but a good amount). Its 6am and I can't sleep for anything. Sucks man. I'm learning to increase my post frequency to a few times a week now instead of once a week. Stay tuned later this week as ill be unboxing my new sony ericsson xperia play! As always plus one this page for extra points!



Last night was  a glamorous night, as I ordered a brand new wireless phone for 1 cent!! It's called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. It's got a 1GHz processor (Snapdragon), and the basic PlayStation controls like X, Triangle, Circle and Square, as well a D-pad start/select and Right/Light shoulder buttons. What I'm really excited is the ability to play Minecraft on it! it's also a full-featured Android phone with the latest Android "Gingerbread" 2.3 update. I'll be able to play a large library of Playstation games., and has a rear & front facing camera. I bought it on Amazon.com's new wireless store. I'm also happy that I will continue to continue recieving unlimited data for tether, which as of now is my only source of internet at the moment. Out of the box, it acts as a mobile hotspot. I'm gonna recieve the phone by Wednesday, the 24th of August.



 As you can see ladies and gentlemen, this phone is rockin'. I am gonna miss my 1Gigahertz-overlocked Motorola Droid 1's keyboard. Even if 7 keys are missing from it! Oh yeah baby, it's also...

Well that chore was a breeze...

Just got done setting up my domain name. And boy, was THAT a huge process. Btw: it takes two day to set up. WTF. I want instant results got dammit I'm a paying customer!! They don't care. They're all greedy asshats. Sloths who sit behind the computer all day and all night, doing nothing else but crawling out the shadows of the dawning of an intercity business skyscraper. So hopefully within the next week (yeah I said it, "GODADDY girl"), ya jerk. Test it if you want: http://thenuyoricanguy.com/. In the comments field, post which domain provided you used. Thanks, take care ya' hear.

''Thanks Google Image search, you da bomb!"


YouTube.com Web Series Idea

High Motherf*cker's is the title of this proposed webseries. It will center on its central character, along with as much as 30 hidden characters, in which is told through the mind of the central character. The centraL character is filmed as a man in his mid-to-early twneties, who is either drunk, under the influence on an assortment of phychedelic or semi-phychedlic drugs, such as marijuana ("weed" or "pot"), LSD ("Acid"), Psilocybin mushrooms, ("shrooms"), but has the series has never dealt with narcotics or other highly-addictive drugs, to protect the actor's health and that the portraying central actor has ability to work. The central character is instructed to talk about certain topics, in his state of mind at the moment.

Two main inspirations were the 1998 film Fear and Loathing, and 

also Ray William Johnson.

It'll feature several episodes over a couple weeks, infrequently posting on Tuesday thru Thursday. It's a fresh idea I've been thinking about lately. And I want to act on it. Also my invention, but i will not reveal that here ;).
Tell me, what ya think down in the comments, won't ya? let's goooooo. Also, I'm not even a subscriber to RWJ. I browse his videos via Facebook follow, randomly. And my jaw is just dropped, man.
Also I'm watching "She's Out my League" with that ugly guy. That chick is smooookin'!! Barely paid attention until the end where some is naked. To the fellas, don't be so insecure about your sex life. Your love will love everything about you. Trust me fellas. As for my single fellers, keep on troopin' men. It's a wild crazy ride into oblivion.
Byawwwwwww nigguhhhhhh.

+1, comment or stumble on this blog and/or blog post, and get extra POINTS!! Take care ya' hear?


Film Spotlight: Scarface (1983)

Did I mention the movie poster kicks ass as well?

By far one of my most favorite movies of all time, Scarface starring Al Pacino, is an electrifying story about a fresh off the boat Cuban who becomes entangled in the criminal underworld, dealing drugs, stealing, and money laundering.  Whats fascinating is the central character's increasing ego as the film progresses. For me, as a big fan of crime movies, had a long lasting effect on me as a Pacino fan. Plenty of guns, grit and glamor, the film was party the insprition for many crime films to follow. The film was also the main inspiration for the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Also of note, a video game was also made, based on the movie.

All in all, I recommend this film to people that love violent, action crime films like myself. Trust me, you will NOT and I repeat NOT be disapointed after watching this crime epic. The film also stars Michelle Phieffer, Steven Bauer, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Written by Oliver Stone and directed by Brian De Palma, so YOU KNOW this is a killer flick. Check it out!
Internet Movie Database: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086250/

Relief that this season of The Bachelorette is over

I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think that this season of The Bachelorette was just so annoying! I normally love the show. I mean, I love reality TV. I even run a blog about it for fun! But, I just wasn't enjoying it nearly as much this season as I have in seasons past.
I was reading through some other reality TV blogs to see if other bloggers felt that way that I do and while I was doing that, I ran across the site http://www.DOMAINNames.com. After I read through it a little bit, I decided to change over my blog to a website by buying up one of the URLs.
This is one of the things that I've been thinking about for a while, but I've got to finish writing up my blog post on the Bachelorette finale and retrospective first before I start worrying about my new website. I already wrote one blog post on the subject right after it aired. But after a season of a reality show ends, I really like to also write a big post afterwards on the entire season.

A great value.

Awesome Website alert! Canadapost.ca/shopper/computers/rc/4

For all you Canadians Geeks out there! (LOL J/K). Here's an awesome website alert fer ya! This week we'll feature a cool website where you can purchase all kinds of accesories, parts, hardwares, software and many other stuff to either build your computer from ground up, or add-on to your current configuration. In essence, I found the prices to be rather fair and in some cases very low, which keeps my wallet full, and keeps my computer and electronic needs fulfilled.

I've purchased quite a few of items from this canadian electronics store before. And I'd have to say the service was prompt, and swift. It took just a few days for my expensive purchase to arrive in the mail. I once had a problem paying for my order, and they took care of the problem in a quick, and very friendly way. The customer representitives were very patient and helpful in my needs as a paying customer. All in all, I recommend your next online computer/electronic purchase be at Canadapost.ca. Thanks for reading, have a great day.

Comparison shopping helps you find the right price while maintaining your essential needs.
                 Link: http://www.canadapost.ca/shopper/computers/rc/4


Artist Spotlight: Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai are an English acid jazz/funk/R&B band from London, UK. Among the most popular, if not the most popular band to arise from the 1990s acid jazz scene, they have racked up several hits in their native Europe. They also scored a couple of hits in the U.S. with "Virtual Insanity" (1996) and "Canned Heat" (1999). In this article i'm going to list my Top 10 all-time favorites by the band. What I love most about this band is how eclectic the music is; it is influenced by many.

   1. "Virtual Insanity"
   2. "When You Gonna Learn"
   3. "Everyday"
   4. "Space Cowboy"
   5. "Cosmic Girl" 
   6. "Alright"
   7. "Blow Your Mind"
   8. "High Times"
   9. "Too Young to Die"
 10. "Canned Heat"


MTV turns 30 this month

Hey guys, I'd like to present my personal favorite music videos from the past 30 years. Seeing as MTV is 30 years old now, I think it'd be a celebration of sorts. Check it out!

Michael Jackson - "Thriller" 
                                                      Junior Senior - "Move Your Feet"
                                                             Justice - "D.A.N.C.E."
                                                           Eminem - "Without Me"


More of my Minecraft base of Operations

And by popular demand I present to you more screenshots.

 One of my dungeons (the zombie one)
 Underground bedroom (safer than the other one)


My new hilarious video! check it out!

Hope you enjoy! My second self-produced video! Dont worry one day i'll get a real video camera! Or just use my droid...eh who knows! See you soon!


Hot Song Of The Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!

 If you're into drum & bass like me, you'll appreciate this track. I would just link you guys to a good ol' youtube vid, but I want you to experience this in better quality audio.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kKVAdm5zNM

It's been a while!

Greetings, fellow bloggers. As you all have known, my broke my laptop several days after my latest post, and have been unable to access a computer since then. It took me a month and 3 weeks to finally buy a new one! Well I'm very glad to be back in the blogger community again and I'm gonna start posting alot of some new music I have discovered (not new, but new to me). I'm also looking to somehow come out of my cheapness and buy a godaddy domain name, seeing as they are an agreeable price. No new developments in my life thus far, just been taking it easy, and saving up for a new machine. Luckily my Motorola Droid has kept me pretty entertained at work (I work 10 hours shifts at my job,  and most of the time spend is just sitting on my ass). That being said, I'm going to start designing my new background, banner and such to prepare for a "relaunch" of sorts. This design is dated. Take care everyone!
thenuyoricanguy.com -- coming on or before august 15, 2011!


Minecraft Skeleton Dungeon fail

So I have a few dungeons I have found during my excavations, so I decided to destroy one just for fun with TNT. Well ladies & gents that failed as the skeletons were still spawning. Take a look at the video I uploaded yesterday! Thanks to Monoriss for giving me a copy of Fraps, which I used to cap. Some more of my minecraft adventures are coming soon so stay tuned!


More Minecraft screenshots

 So this is what hell looks like? The Nether
 What's the deal with this dude? Couldn't even attack him! O_O
 East side of my garden/base & looking towards my railroad to the main town. To prevent mobs from blocking the railroad, gonna cover the whole thing. I will eventually finish the rest using glass and maybe cobblestone.
 Garden again
The inside (took a while to put wood, i like mining rather than chopping down trees)
 I label and organize my chests for the most part
 More of my chests and stuff
 The underground bedroom
My underground lobby, currently mining obsidian (it's taking foreverrrrrr)
 At night
And a tip for you guys, for those who play this game. When you're in the game, press F3. That'll tell you your x, y coordinates and whatnot. Make sure to dig down deep enough to where the "y" says 12. and make sure to bring a bucket of water, as lava pools appear most often at 11. You'll find plenty of everything, caves, diamonds, iron, coal and much more.  Also if you guys know any cool servers feel free to tell me in the comments below! The ones I find on the internet are too much for me :P

Today's photoshop adventure

My friend Tommy Hom at CitiField, apparently. In this picture I plastered his face on mr met and put his Dad's face on him. Please excuse my amateur skills, people!


More Snowflake the cat videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I've got the worst "writer's block" at the moment, I will proceed to share more Snowflake videos, taken with my phone. Enjoy!!!!!!


Check out my Minecraft base of operations

My base from the railroad to town square.

 Third Floor Nether Portal
 Above-ground Bedroom.
 Ground level Nether Portal.
 Side Entrance
 Garden, growing Wheat and some Sugar Cane.
 Former mob trap (didn't work)
Front up-close, from Garden.
Side Entrance again.
Monster cave.
 Back of house.
Side water slide (still under construction).

A Meeting....


Let's Examine The Covers

Ladies and gents, it time for Let's Examine The Covers

This week's cover is going to be Frankie Beverly & Maze's soul single "Joy and Pain", which came out in 1989.




German acid jazz band Count Basic's version of the song, which came out in 1996.

Let's start off with our original version, which contains more vocals and is light funky song, with minimal instrumentals, but more vocals. Personally I like both equally, they're both great songs, but are two. But I lean more towards the original version, because of its originality, creativity and simplicty. Count Basic's versions sounds to busy, with a full jazz guitar going, drums, and sparkly sounds that are typical of smooth jazz songs. Maze's is simple, but charming in a sense. My consensus is the original version on this one.

I think i'mma make a

separate blog for the San Andreas stuff....

Episode 2: Hungry

I'll (try!!) to do 4 episodes per day! If not, then as soon as possible! =D