It's been a while!

Greetings, fellow bloggers. As you all have known, my broke my laptop several days after my latest post, and have been unable to access a computer since then. It took me a month and 3 weeks to finally buy a new one! Well I'm very glad to be back in the blogger community again and I'm gonna start posting alot of some new music I have discovered (not new, but new to me). I'm also looking to somehow come out of my cheapness and buy a godaddy domain name, seeing as they are an agreeable price. No new developments in my life thus far, just been taking it easy, and saving up for a new machine. Luckily my Motorola Droid has kept me pretty entertained at work (I work 10 hours shifts at my job,  and most of the time spend is just sitting on my ass). That being said, I'm going to start designing my new background, banner and such to prepare for a "relaunch" of sorts. This design is dated. Take care everyone!
thenuyoricanguy.com -- coming on or before august 15, 2011!

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