Work today!

Yeah but not too excited. I'll be excited when I finally get paid on thursday! In other news, my great aunt Julia passed today, she was 76 I believe. Not too sad tho, I never really saw her much. In fact, last time I really saw her was when I was around 16 or 17 years old. She was such a mystery. She never married, nor had kids. I just feel bad for grandpa the most, he lost all his siblings now. He's the only one left. With this, I'll definitely be spending more time with my grandparents, especially my grandpa. Gonna invite my grandpa over for beer this friday.


  1. Im stuck at work too! so slow today it sucks.
    my great aunt is 98! she just broke her leg and almost died ): she never married or had kids either. I kind of feel you on not being so sad? I mean it sucks, im alot closer to my greant aunt, but at the same time shes been crazy and went from always being so nice to being extremly bitter towards me. i feel bad that shes stuck in a nursing home now

  2. well RIP for your g.aunt yours too @Mark

  3. RIP, some people don't feel like marrying/having kids I guess, I sure don't.

  4. Nursing homes suck, watch out for the helpers, sometimes the workers can be abusive, which might be the change in here attitude, prolly not what you want to hear, but watch out for it...!