Last night was  a glamorous night, as I ordered a brand new wireless phone for 1 cent!! It's called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. It's got a 1GHz processor (Snapdragon), and the basic PlayStation controls like X, Triangle, Circle and Square, as well a D-pad start/select and Right/Light shoulder buttons. What I'm really excited is the ability to play Minecraft on it! it's also a full-featured Android phone with the latest Android "Gingerbread" 2.3 update. I'll be able to play a large library of Playstation games., and has a rear & front facing camera. I bought it on Amazon.com's new wireless store. I'm also happy that I will continue to continue recieving unlimited data for tether, which as of now is my only source of internet at the moment. Out of the box, it acts as a mobile hotspot. I'm gonna recieve the phone by Wednesday, the 24th of August.



 As you can see ladies and gentlemen, this phone is rockin'. I am gonna miss my 1Gigahertz-overlocked Motorola Droid 1's keyboard. Even if 7 keys are missing from it! Oh yeah baby, it's also...