YouTube.com Web Series Idea

High Motherf*cker's is the title of this proposed webseries. It will center on its central character, along with as much as 30 hidden characters, in which is told through the mind of the central character. The centraL character is filmed as a man in his mid-to-early twneties, who is either drunk, under the influence on an assortment of phychedelic or semi-phychedlic drugs, such as marijuana ("weed" or "pot"), LSD ("Acid"), Psilocybin mushrooms, ("shrooms"), but has the series has never dealt with narcotics or other highly-addictive drugs, to protect the actor's health and that the portraying central actor has ability to work. The central character is instructed to talk about certain topics, in his state of mind at the moment.

Two main inspirations were the 1998 film Fear and Loathing, and 

also Ray William Johnson.

It'll feature several episodes over a couple weeks, infrequently posting on Tuesday thru Thursday. It's a fresh idea I've been thinking about lately. And I want to act on it. Also my invention, but i will not reveal that here ;).
Tell me, what ya think down in the comments, won't ya? let's goooooo. Also, I'm not even a subscriber to RWJ. I browse his videos via Facebook follow, randomly. And my jaw is just dropped, man.
Also I'm watching "She's Out my League" with that ugly guy. That chick is smooookin'!! Barely paid attention until the end where some is naked. To the fellas, don't be so insecure about your sex life. Your love will love everything about you. Trust me fellas. As for my single fellers, keep on troopin' men. It's a wild crazy ride into oblivion.
Byawwwwwww nigguhhhhhh.

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  1. Reminds me of 'Drunk Cooking'.

  2. Been subscribed to RWJ for a while now, not exactly impressive but kills time so there's that.