Hurricane irene wasn't THAT bad

Well I have to say I'm glad I survived such a crazy tropical hurricane storm, there were minor damages to my neighborhood but nothing too serious. Thats hurricane made everyone scared so I got scared too a little but its gone and we're here to tell the story. Thanks for reading everybody. I live in a tall apartment building thats made of brick so it is extra sturdy. I live in an area of my town which faces Long Island Sound, where the hurricane passed through. But since we live on a hill, flooding posed no threat to our residential establishment. Sorry folks it's been a week since I posted but just have been preparing for what was to come. Down in New York City was worst, especially downtown, where the land is very low.

I'm glad I got a day off today too, and a chance to relax and make social time with family and friends. Stayed in most days but had no internet due to my new phone not being able to be rooted and therefore no wireless tether. Lucily i found an app on the Android Market that tethers via USB, but unfortunately does not display secure websites (https://) and such. So for now I must do that. In other news I'm going to apply to be a security gaurd like that idiot Paul Blart or something except not in malls but in corporate setting. I need training so I have to invest in a certification - NY State Security license. Its ok because you sometimes have to spend money to make more money. I'm fine with that. Otherwise, I'm feeling good about myself. Thanks for reading, goodbye!


  1. Good luck with that security thing.

    You'll need it.

  2. New Yorkers having a hurricane? :D Whodathunkit?!

  3. The only thing that happened here was two treeing being up rooted and the power going out for a few hours.

  4. haha nice pic!!
    I like ;)